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Technical tips for visuals and logos

Always use documents converted into curves as they can be revised for corrections, color separation and overprints.

Imprint Line frequency Required resolution x x x Greyscales
Greyscale or CMYK Bitmap
Spot printing 45 LPI to 86 LPI 300 DPI 812 DPI 0.75 pt 1 pt 6 pts 15% to 85%
Spot printing on garment 35 LPI to 67 LPI 220 DPI 812 DPI 1 pt 1.5 pts 8 pts 15% to 70%
Offset 133 LPI to 150 LPI 300 DPI 1200 DPI 0.25 pt 0.5 pt 4 pts 5% to 90%
4 color process (high resolution) 150 LPI to 175 LPI 300 DPI 812 DPI 0.25 pt 0.5 pt 3 pts 5% to 95%
  1. *DPI (Dots Per Inch) :
    number of pixels covering one linear inch. DPI refers to the resolution of digital images.

    Exemple DPI

  2. *LPI (Lines Per Inch) :
    number of halftone dots (lines) produced in one linear inch. LPI refers to the imprint quality, or the way printers reproduce images.

  3. *Trapping (overprint) :
    Chokes and spreads should be used to avoid gaps when colors are touching

    Exemple engraissés et amincis

  4. *Graduated screens (Blend) :
    When creating graduated screens, a full background (#1), instead of overlapping scales (#2), will keep the material from being visible.

    Exemple fondus et dégradés

Notes :

  1. In screen printing, light colors are highly recommended for backgrounds but should be avoided for texts; small shaded writings should be avoided as well.
  2. Once converted into four color process (CMYK), Pantone colors cannot be perfectly exact.
  3. Metallic colors cannot be reproduced in four color process.
  4. Since screen color spectrums are larger than printing spectrums, RGB colors will be altered when converted into process colors (CMYK). Therefore, very bright colors will look much more sober once printed.


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