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Idée-Pro Inc products are made in Canada.

Idée-Pro Inc products are made in Canada.

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Idée-Pro Inc.: specialists in printing and finishing of promotional products, and garment printing expert.

Idée-Pro Inc. is dedicated to continual improvement of our products, techniques and services. Our commitment will always be the same: to provide the best service, competitive prices and outstanding attention to detail in the execution of yours orders. At Idée-Pro Inc. we are backed by more than 32 years of experience in the product advertising market combined with a professional network of distributors!

With two distinctively different divisions, we deliver a wide range of promotional product solutions. Our id proTM promotional products line specializes in the printing and finishing of stickers, as well as products made in various plastics, vinyls or cardboards, magnets and buttons. Our id activeTM garment printing line offers services such as screen printing, indexed four colour process in screen printing, reflective grey ink, metallic foil, 3D Soft Density, Puff, 3D Gel, Soft Touch and much more!